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Onnicle: The man at the juice-bar racked his brains as the snob amateurishly jeered on.
OnniClue: Big event, big expectations. Do you think the visit will make a considerable difference to the relationship?

Onnicle: He got a pro hint on finding the body, but mist ryegrass proved to be a challenge
Onniclue: He did walk a fine balance!
This one’s contributed by Mudita Jaitly (no relation to the action star Jet Li)

Onnicle 1: Kaju aur Malai ka laddoo khane wale arora sahab kya kahenge?
Onnicle 2: The wizard of Oz and umpteen friends would visit their drab alma mater.
OnniClue: She has shown us how and what to apply when it hurts

Onnicle: “I’d pick halitosis over a big giant helping of 22 eggs for breakfast,” said the boss.
OnniClue: Query for anyone who’s heard him speak – do you have any clue what he says?

Answers to September 2010 onnicles
– Flintstones, Yabadabadoo
– Rafa (Rafael) Nadal
– Ramzan, Ganpati Bappa
– Nano, Alto, Indica

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