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Onnicle: My analysis resulted in pushing up targets.
OnniClue: Babujis liked her as she was pretty, she was fair,
For the sake of cheap publicity guess what this aunty forgot to wear

Onnicle: Mr Pillai bluntly told the always-in-blossom Dev Anand, “Dev saar, I don’t think you had evvar managed a hit in recent years, saar.”
OnniClue: Unaffordable at INR20K, but our homeboy still gets it for us…twice!

Onnicle: The spam elaborately spreads the slander so nicely, it’s scary.
OnniClue: New dhak-dhak girl implanted in the house.

Onnicle: The music is on. I arrange the gig and his troupe performs.
OnniClue: Her double-edged sword fell sharply and two corrupt heads rolled.

Onnicle: The man at the juice-bar racked his brains as the snob amateurishly jeered on.
OnniClue: Big event, big expectations. Do you think the visit will make a considerable difference to the relationship?

Answers to October 2010 onnicles
– Barack Obama
– Rohinton Mistry
– Malaika Arora Khan + Zandu Balm
– Khali + Big Boss

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