Word games for September 2010 | Onnicles

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Onnicle 1A: The job involved moving sedimentary rocks (or flints) to nested quarries.
Onnicle 1B: She said in a seductive voice, “You’ve been a bad boy, a bad, a bad, ooh so bad boy.”
OnniClue: International characters
Happy 50th anniversary guys

Onnicle 2: For a fan (a Dallas-based one, where the match was being conducted) the tickets weren’t highly priced.
OnniClue: International personality
Do you think he suffers from a condition popularly known as a ****** elbow.

Onnicle 3: As the tram zanily began, patient commuters would attract (and absorb) apparent stares from the onlookers.
OnniClue: Two Indian Festivals
Anybody else who likes 3 day weekends?

Onnicle 4: In a normal tour, I’d find I cannot get smaller cars to move around.
OnniClue: Indian cars
Despite its spontaneous self-combustion capabilities, do you think it can give the other 2 in there a run for their money?

Answers to August 2010 onnicles
– Rahul Mahajan
– Suresh Kalmadi
– Angelina Jolie
– Shashi Tharoor

Onnicles is a name game.

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  1. Jyoti says:

    onnicle 2- sachin.
    onnicle 4- nano.
    i din't get others. 🙁

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