Word games for August 2013 | Onnicles

Onnicle: The water’s far from purified.
OnniClue: When you wish life didn’t imitate art.

Onnicle: Not the best ever depiction. The book did a better job supposedly.
OnniClue: Adam’s apple delivered more juice.

Onnicle: Car making up at Audi plant.
OnniClue: Get ready for a Nawabi ride.

Onnicle: Just before the day of swaraj, effervescent journos probe zoster (shingles) outbreak.
OnniClue: ‘Buying a newspaper’ gets a whole new meaning.

Answers to Onnicles word games from July 2013
– Telangana (new state formed)
– William (Royal heir)
– Asafa Powell (Jamaican sprinter caught for doping)
– Vikram Seth (asked to refund book advance)
– John Rambo (nickname given by media to Modi for rescue operation)

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