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Onnicle: The channels on TV demand elated attention spans.
OnniClue: The (other) father of the nation…still fighting.

Contributed by Poyni Bhatt
Onnicle: “He reached top of the minar! End rants about him.” Declared the faithfuls in desperate attempt to modify their fate!
Onniclue: Take a bow or shall we say namo?

Onnicle: Still hoping to milk the sad, vanity-driven aspirations.
OnniClue: Sulking Hulk

Onnicle: Luv induced Arabic tunes can make you sing happy songs.
OnniClue: Dad, are professional wrestling matches fixed too?

Answers to Onnicles word games from May 2013
– Mike Tyson
– Sunil Mittal (Group CEO, Bharti Enterprises)
– David Miller (Cricketer)
– Ravi Shastri (ex-Cricketer)

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