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Onnicle: He told them, “I keep myself mighty, so no one messes with me.”
OnniClue: Lend him your ears.

Onnicle: The sun illuminates the film. It talks to the camera.
OnniClue: He’s been dialing the right numbers.

Onnicle: Earlier he viewed a video of a furiously rotating wind-mill. Erupting on the field was a side effect.
OnniClue: Bayen haath ka khel for him.

Onnicle: In the sun, nylon isn’t ideologically appropriate.
OnniClue: Give him a (2.5 Kg) hand and two (left) feet.

Onnicle: His gravity-defying haul of six sixes has trivia fans still excited.
OnniClue: Any commentary on his career?

Answers to Onnicles word games from April 2013
– Ajit Pawar (commented on filling empty dams with urine)
– Nitish Kumar (In the race for the top post of PM)
– Ravindra Jadeja (‘Sir’)
– Sanjay Dutt (goes back to jail)

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