Contributed Onnicles – October 2010

Contributed Onnicles (and OnniPoems for a change), if you ever doubted the creativity out there.

Four OnniPoems by Megha Gupta

OnniPoem 1
The months raged on like a bull,
Quickly they went – Apr, May, Jun, Jul..
I am so happy that I’m going to Cairo,
Berts and Laura will accompany me too!

OnniClue: International personality
Aint she a pretty woman??, she taught us all to eat, pray and love!

OnniPoem 2
The car went honk-honk-honk
I ran to the sea-bed; I had finally succeeded in my plan!

OnniClue: Indian personality
One of the earlier ones who stormed a male bastion…Can the baton and meditation go hand-in-hand?

OnniPoem 3
Hear a PJ, hear a PJ,
The slab duly fell on unsuspecting innocents,
People jeered Kalmadi and chanted: ‘Mooh kala, mooh kala’…
The folks in Ayodhya heard the commotion and shouted back: ‘Shhh, shor mat karo, uth jaayenge Ram Lalla’!

OnniClue: How nice it’d be if the successor was even half as good!

OnniPoem 4
Seeing Irwin sitting in front of him, his expression went blank
Ate up all his food in one big gulp….deep within his heart sank,
Irwin’s letters had finally caught up with him in real life too!!!

OnniClue: Hollywood Personality.

Onnicle by Amol Hatwar
So the English discovered: Adding spice to curry made it taste very good, but sourcing spices was a job safely delegated to someone else.

OnniClue: International personality
An apple a day keeps the doctors bills at the gates

Have you tried the onnicles from September? It’s got a celeb mix that ranges from cars to cartoons.

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