Word games for August 2010 | Onnicles

Here’s another helping from our Facebook page. This time we have a mix of personalities from politics, sports, movies and the media.

Onnicle: For a Hulk Hogan fan living in Omaha, January can be a painful month.
OnniClue: Misunderstood? Devil? Do you really care? If you bumped into him on the streets, what would you say to him?

Onnicle: Are you sure shady deals that are being revealed would make the jackal mad in retaliation?
OnniClue: In the onnicle itself. Disappointed, angry, concerned?

Onnicle: “She made her fan gel in an unfamiliar environment by playing the banjo,” Lieutenant John shared his story.
OnniClue: Do you prefer your salt iodised or regular?

Onnicle: He’d wish a ship-wrecked career could be brought back on track with a Roorkee-based wedding.
OnniClue: A naughty culmination to a knotty roller-coaster adventure. Mixing sports, business, politics and love life ain’t good buddy. Any thoughts from the Twitteratti out there?

Onnicle: Bollywood makes a Niagara Falls kinda personality look like a bonsai naturally.
OnniClue: Can’t they just let our sports icons focus on what they do best?

Answers to July 2010 onnicles
– Sachin Tendulkar
– India, China
– Charlie Chaplin
– Paul Octopus
– Brazil, Spain

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