Word games for November 2011 | Onnicles

Onnicle: “For outdoor shoots in the sun, nylon acessories (unlike silicone) can look pale,” one photographer explained.
OnniClue: Porn to be wild.

Onnicle: “Employees with a square jaw, a hard find. They work & take the fall alone” – HR update.
OnniClue: Children, time to practise your salsa and cha-cha-cha steps for the party.

Onnicle: Will you let emotions, rage or geopolitical strategies ambush your logical plans?
OnniClue: Secret trip to give secret advice to a secretive India Inc!

Onnicle: I’m glad you are thinking big again.
OnniClue: Popstar or marketing genius?

Guest onnicle by Poyni Bhatt:
Onnicle: Much early in the dawn Mr. Darcy rushed to his farm, and saw in the mist ryots working on the soil. “Doers-in-charge is the only way to ensure long term continuity.” he thought.
OnniClue: Heir apparent is necessary before one bids good-bye.

Answers to October onnicles
– Subroto Roy (Sahara buys stake in Mallya’s F1 venture)
– Happy Diwali
– Steve Jobs (passes away)
– Dennis Ritchie (creator of Unix passes away)

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