Word games for December 2011 | Onnicles

Onnicle: His antagonism towards claustrophobic chimneys remains suppressed.
OnniClue: Then he’s got those unwashed socks to deal with.

Onnicle: Pick a pillow-fight with internet users? I balked at the very idea of that going anywhere.
OnniClue: Hasn’t exactly been the best year for him.

Onnicle: It’s a chasm I tangibly feel, as I look up, at illogical movies that came up after her era.
OnniClue: Intelligent cinema, where ‘art’ thou?

Onnicle: Develop your mental youthfulness if you can and the body will follow.
OnniClue: He’ll always be the guide.

Answers to November 2011 Onnicles
– Sunny Leone (Bigg Boss)
– Jawahar Lal Nehru (Birthday)
– George Bush (India trip)
– Lady Gaga

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Onnicles is a name game.

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