Word games for October 2011 | Onnicles

Onnicle 1: The mono sub-rotor submersible pump is a royal boon for borewell digging.
Onnicle 2: Press F1 for more help on the formulas, one at a time.

Onnicle: In an unusual mishap, pythons crawled into his khadi wali kameez.
OnniClue: Seasons greetings!

Onnicle 1: The dirty & vivid yak hunting depicted in the picture got the tribal angry.
Onnicle 2: His ilk is prone to ridicule & sarcasm. It had to happen.

Onnicle: He built the smartest ever company for job seekers who wanted to change the world.
OnniClue: May the innovative spirit live on.

Guest onnicle by Amol Hatwar:

Onnicle: His grit chiefly comes from the island of St. Isidore. His golden nisus changed the world many times over…
OnniClue: I saw some seashells on the sea floor :o)

Answers to September onnicles
– Jagjit Singh (when he was admitted to a hospital)
– Sylvio Berlusconi (famous for his Bunga-bunga parties)
– Usain Bolt
– Onam (Malayali festival)

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About Onnicles
Onnicles is a name game.

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