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Onnicle: ‘We can do better, eh?’ many thought we could move from a like to a super-like.
OnniClue: And you thought shaadi.com was the only team interested in the business?

Onnicle: As an alternative to war, renegotiate or rebuff ethically ambivalent situations.
OnniClue: What lessons can our business tycoons and politicians pick up from him?

Onnicle: His music made MJ a pan-Asia star, moving into the land of the rising & buoyant sun, a million fans cheered him on.
OnniClue: Sincerely hoping and praying that the dark nights pass soon.

Onnicle: As the vehicles slink in, parking attendants take over.
OnniClue: Breaking the habit, in the end, requires crawling under the points of authority.

Onnicle: The ubiquitous tetrapak is tangibly tough to find, I assume, in rural areas.
OnniClue: What are the odds they clash in the finals?

Guest Contributors
Contributed by: Amol Hatwar

Onnicle: When cornered, philosophers cross the col, linstock in hand; for their canons can never be fired.
OnniClue: Been around since the Genesis, but now no more.

Answers to February 2011 onnicles
– Branson, Mallya
– Bryan Adams
– Hosni Mubarak
– Baba Ramdev

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