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Onnicle: On Virgin islands, the mob ran song-competitions in the mall, yard by yard inching towards popularity.
OnniClue: Aah (or rather ooh la la)…the intoxicating flights of fantasies.

Onnicle: The fiery & fibry announcement had Amsterdam gasping for breath.
OnniClue: Still 18, still rocking!

Onnicle: The boss wondered who snitched on them after cops raided the Emu bar, a known mob hangout.
OnniClue: Everyone and his mummy want him out.

Onnicle: The Addis Ababa Tram Development Authority hopes to ease congestion so you can breathe easy.
OnniClue: Kapalbhaati can achieve the same result at a fraction of the cost.

Guest Contributors

Contributed by: Megha Gupta

Ye Janaab, Blame Game ke no.1 khiladi hain,
Par aapka ‘pilan’ flop ho gaya mahoday,
Btw, aisi B.A., L.L.B. Padhai aapne kaunsi university se kii??
OnniClue: Same as 1st line of the Onnicle

Contributed by: Amol Hatwar

Onnicle: Unfortunately, going to the jacuzzi wasn’t on Jack’s calendar.
OnniClue: Easy-going and laid-back that he his, they call him the breeze quite naturally.

Answers to January 2011 onnicles
– Nintendo
– Oscar, Grammy
– Steve Jobs
– India Republic Day

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