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Onnicle: He was at Hyatt’s airy resort for his MBA bash.
OnniClue: Mandya, Karnataka?

Onnicle: “I’ve had it!” yawned the guest at the yoga shibir, lamenting on the slow pace of action.
OnniClue: India Inc goes on a $340 million Swedish shopping spree.

Onnicle: ‘Well…OK pal,’ she said and gave Ms Montana Hannah a Zareena Wahab kinda yesteryear look.
OnniClue: One small step for us, one giant GPL for babu-kind.

Onnicle: They promised him a hidden treasure once he finished honing his team for the big one.
OnniClue: Sita returns back 14 years (15?) after Ravan kidnapped her.

Answers to March 2011 onnicles
– Rehman Malik
(Pakistani minister who commented that cricketers were under observation to avoid match fixing controversies during the 2011 Cricket World Cup)
– Warren Buffet
– Japan Tsunami
– Linkin Park
– Pakistan, India [reference: World Cup]

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