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Onnicle: Just because you had fun in ten dorky years as a kid doesn’t mean it’s healthy.
OnniClue: With 2-D your brains popped out, with 3-D your eyes will pop out.

Onnicle: I have no scars from the lost pounds (or if you prefer, kilogram), my liposuction went off pretty well.
OnniClue: “I’d like to thank…” – how would your speech start when you are up there?

Onnicle: Last evening my job search gained momentum.
OnniClue: A doctor a day need not keep the apple away. Hope to see you back soon, buddy.

Onnicle: In diabetes, when it comes to diet, one’s gotta take care, publicly and in private, every single day.
OnniClue: Life begins at 62. And we’re juuuust getting started.

Answers to December 2010 onnicles
– Hugh Hefner
– Paris Hilton
– Julian Assange
– Barkha Dutt

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