Word games for January 2012 | Onnicles

Onnicle: Don’t you wish Irish cream fans wouldn’t pick understandably undeserved fights?
OnniClue: SRK style penalty for flouting the govt’s hum-2-hamare-2 norms?

Guest Onnicle contributed by Poyni Bhatt
Onnicle: Begin the day with a Psalm, an ancient holy verse, for theists, and an orange crush diet for atheist- recommends a secular norm.
OnniClue: Shame on us when private beliefs spills over in public to block freedom of expression

Onnicle: Good intentions, but the framework is opaque. For random net users who goof up, I pay?
OnniClue: Blackout!

Onnicle: Tough to milk action sequences solely from modified cars and cruiser bikes?
OnniClue: Would you hunt for death defying stunts when you are 50?

Onnicle: It’s a food allergy Ms Chopra has to fight & win. Frey’s syndrome isn’t so bad.
OnniClue: The queen of talk, comes to town for a walk.

Answers to Onnicles word games from December 2011
– Santa Claus
– Kapil Sibal (censoring online content)
– Smita Patil (film star)
– Dev Anand

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