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We’ve been having fun on the Facebook. Last month’s onnicles are pasted below. If you haven’t tried cracking them on Facebook, give ’em a shot here. If you can’t guess the answers or the context, send us a note and we’ll help you out
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Onnicle: With his aching gone he’d tend to sulk arbitrarily
OnniClue: Bloody hell! Do you think the approach is justified as a marketing gimmick? What other creative options could they have looked at to promote the product?

Onnicle: Would you find, I ask, much in a hypothetical comparison?
OnniClue: It’s a topic often beaten to death by the media, by economists and by everyone else who wants to sound knowledgeable. Do you find the comparisons stimulating? Why?

Onnicle: “Emosanal atyachar,” lied the chap, lingering on after the party was over.
OnniTask: Think of one name from the modern day who comes close to this phenomenal performer from the black & white era.

World Cup inspired Onnicles

Onnicle: Granny and granpa ultimately requested the doc to push me out.
OnniClue: If he had to predict the future in other fields, what would he say?

Onnicle: As the goalkeeper stepped on to the field wearing a football-shaped bra, zillion fans painfully protested his fashion crime.
OnniClue: Going with the flavour of the season, do you think either of the teams in the onnicle above will win the World Cup? If not, who’s your favourite and why?

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