Onnicle Challenge – 6 (Solution)

Ape, Badger, Owl, Newt, Eel, Rat, Mouse, Cat, Herring, Leopard, Camel, Bug, Bat, Hen, Ant, Ass, Ram, Fly, Bee, Dingo

The light on Leo’s badge reflected into Zoe’s eyes. She shuffled left to escape the glare, and her dad growled at her to keep still. He knew that she was feeling tired: they had been queuing all morning to meet Elvira, the famous entertainer and magician, who was an hour late for her book signing. She arrived when he was thinking about removing his Elvira badge. Her rings sparkled as she entered the room waving and gliding over the red carpet. The queue passed Elvira quickly, and Leo was soon saying: “Elvira, I’m Leo and this is Zoe. She’s catching up on magic tricks to become magician like you.”

Elvira smiled with her sunglasses on. “Hello Zoe and Leo. Pardon me for my tardiness. I hope you love my book,” she said while signing their book. Before they could thank her, the highflying Elvira was already signing another fan’s book. As they walked away, Zoe said: “Dad, she bugged me. She came late and didn’t seem to care that I love magic. I’ve been thinking. I want to replace my magic books with a trampoline so I can be an acrobat instead.”

Aditi Surendra (got 20/21)
Achyutha Anantha Murthy (19/21)
Monica (19/21)

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Onnicles is a name game.

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