Onamovocab or Onnibulary or something else?

I thought I was the only crazy one to cook up coined words – Onamography and Onnicle. Seems like there are more of those out there. It’s encouraging (and entertaining) to see that readers have not only embraced the concept, they are helping it evolve by extending the vocabulary. Here are a few examples, from the self-explanatory to the divine.

Onnicled fans:
Fans who have their own personalised onnicles.

Onamomania, Onamomaniacs:
Vipin Savai‘s fertile imagination at work here to describe the obsession and the obsessed.

Onamogenius, Onnicly stalking, Onamoized:
Sangeeta Shroff threatens to fill a complete dictionary with these.
The first one seems obvious. The second one refers to the attempt to attract fans to the FB page by creating onnicles in their name. Sangeeta attempts to explain the last one in the comments section below.

Pratyush Rohatgi probably felt calling it ‘Reverse Onnicle’ wouldn’t be cool enough. Similar to a regular onnicle, except the characters in the name are reversed. He has posted an example in the comments below.

Twosleepy (real name?), an educator, coined this to describe a Tricky onnicle where the first character of every word from the onnicle spells out the answer.
Sample Onnicle (created by Beck, a biologist from Florida): Sam almost made my young daughter a virtual instigator. “Sam’s just unfettering Nicole,” I often rationalized.
Clue: Initially, this entertainer may have been one I’d befriend, but in fact he was a rat from way back.
Answer: Sammy Davis Junior –> Sam almost made my young daughter a virtual instigator. “Sam’s just unfettering Nicole,” I often rationalized. Brilliant!

James Davis (Linguist) has come up with this to describe a puzzle based on phonemes, as opposed to characters. This would takes the idea closer to Steganography. Check the comment for details.
Sample Onnicle: When the computer first starts up, you will be required to key a new password in
OnniClue: 1st name of a celebrity
Answer: Keanu (Reeves) –> ‘…key a new…’

If you can think up with more of these, do let me know. You never know which of these will stick on and become more popular over time.

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About Onnicles
Onnicles is a name game.

4 thoughts on “Onamovocab or Onnibulary or something else?”

  1. Remember that type of “level 2” I mentioned in that E-mail?

    1st name of a celebrity-

    When the computer first starts up, you will be required to key a new password in.

    You won't find it via word search, because the puzzle above is based on phonemes, not on characters.

    You could call it Onamophony.

    Onamophony + Anacronnomicle = Anacronnomophonicle

    I suppose making/solving one of those would be very hard indeed!

    It begins, I'd say, to push the bounds of becoming pure steganography.

  2. 'Onamoized' would be the process of becoming a hapless Onamoddict on ur way to Onamoville 🙂

    Fun Fun Fun article! Truly hope this neat concept is embraced at both National and International levels! That's an honest wish of this threateningly loyal fan 🙂

  3. On reading the Onamography word first time I thought of it as a Mallu invention. Seriously I started thinking about Onam or something related to Onam.
    I even felt people will start making their own puzzles for each state from now on, like – MaharashtroGraphy, GujoGraphy, TamiloGraphy…. 🙂

  4. Yhpargomano? No, that's not Klingon, it's just a variation I thought of!

    Elcinno: A condescending nag flowed in right after the kind words to the extra zombies.

    gnagflow trazom -> Wolfgang Mozart (Tadah!)


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