D-I-Y Week: You choose the name, you create the onnicle

This was getting too one-sided. One contributor has all the fun creating a big onnicle while others just solve. So let’s shake it up a little and take it to the next level.

Here’s this week’s challenge.
– Choose the name of a friend who’s not on the Onamography fan page yet
– Create a simple (not tricky) onnicle in his/her name
– Post it as a comment here

Here’s an example:
Onnicle: Can gelatine from Walmart inspire you to create onnicles?
Answer: Angela Martin
(Mr. Dalman, would you be kind enough to let Ms. Martin know that she’s just become famous?)

Judging criteria:
We choose the winners based on the following: the complexity of the name, the creativity involved and how elegant the onnicle looks.
Tip: Don’t just try to fit in the name. Add some humor and contextual content to it. Make it fun, for yourself and for the rest of us.

Any brave and creative ones up for the challenge?

Please forward this post to all your friends (the sadistic ones are already on the job, looking for friends with long, tricky names). Let’s see if they really are as creative as they want you to believe.

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About Onnicles
Onnicles is a name game.

7 thoughts on “D-I-Y Week: You choose the name, you create the onnicle”

  1. ONNICLE: she's fat like the rim at AIBA{all india basketball association}
    she's rash in her ways, a kid i'd say,
    to us she's a woman interested in eating lays.

    answer: fatima taiba rashid usmani

  2. OK, I'm on a high after coming in 3rd on Challenge 6, so here goes:


    Ethel Merman plays a radio personality in Alexander's Ragtime Band.

    Answer: Sara Alexander (my daughter)


  3. Could this challenge just win me my Superwoman chalice? Bad Omen! I see an Eclipse, that too Lunar, as I'm hacking this potential fan. Heard the obvious murmur, "Thy wish, truly naive!!”

    Could this challenge just win me my SuperwoMAN CHALIce? Bad Omen! I see an eclipse.. that too luNAR, AS I’M HAcking this potential fan. Heard the obvious murMUR, "THY wish, truly naive"!

    Onnicled potential fan:
    Manchali Narasimha Murthy

  4. A second entry…

    He stood on a rock to serenade Augusta in her room.

    Ans: Rock Nadeau (husband, he thought it was touching that I did one for him, too)

  5. My teacher found it wonderfully appropriate to ask me a question in her awful English exactly when I was brooding over not watching the match yesterday, my brother's constant chatter, JEE preparation, no movies….And the question was to be as unjoyful-'…so, Mn at high temperature exhibits what oxidation state?'



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