Onnicle Challenge – 1 (Solution)

Wipro, Patni (PCS), Satyam, Mphasis, Tata (TCS), Polaris, Infosys, IFlex, SISL (Siemens Information Systems Limited), Mastek

Please show IPR (or Intellectual Property Rights) related awareness as you read this.Remember how your granny gave ya advice, spat nilgiri drops at ya (morning and evening), just to help you cope with your cold. She emphasised the importance of being fit at an age where medical dependency is the norm. Be the local interpol, aristocratic readers and spread this info systematically across your network. According to you, if lexicon assassination isn’t cool and you think this is lame, accept my apologies. But if you think this concept rocks, send across your comments saying, “Ekdum mast! Ek aur please” and I’d be glad to oblige.

The first 3 code-crackin’ warriers to get all 10 correct are:
Brotin Das (he hopes Onamography becomes a legit entry on Wikipedia soon so he gets a mention)
Abhishek Nalwaya (he’s already made his name, fame and fortune, so he probably doesn’t support Brotin’s enthusiasm)
Sameer Jadhav (many girls might be reading this right now and going…yup, he’s the one for me)

For their valiant efforts, let’s list out a few more names:
Rajitha Pillai, Jyoti Vimal, Achyutha Anantha Murthy (Captain Nemo), Pratyush R, Santosh Bhamidipati, Farhad Choksi, Shreyon, Vinay, Sarita Puthran, Narendran Santhanam, Shobita Sridharan, Rohit Goyal

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About Onnicles
Onnicles is a name game.

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  1. Hey…I tried to fit in Siemens, keeping you in mind 😉

    If only I knew the Siemens was called SISL 🙁

    poor knowledge on my part!


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