November 5, 2012

Word games for October 2012 | Onnicles

Onnicle: Strangle egos, explore spirituality. OnniClue: The wild side of 3.14159 Onnicle: Remember the controversy igniting Ad Karishma did? OnniClue: Dammit! Onnicle: Ok, I ran obediently, […]
December 4, 2012

Word games for November 2012 | Onnicles

Onnicle: By far, June is when those on the ramp also move on. OnniClue: Role model or model with roles? Onnicle: In the British Raj, malnourished […]
January 7, 2013

Word games for December 2012 | Onnicles

Onnicle: Saluting the fearless one who triggered a mini revolution. OnniClue: Her battle might’ve ended, but the real war has just begun. Onnicle: The belief – […]
February 5, 2013

Word games for January 2013 | Onnicles

Onnicle: Pick a mall where the brouhaha (as an illogical protest weapon) is ineffective. OnniClue: Any other screening advice for him? Onnicle: The Lion elegantly warned […]
March 6, 2013

Word games for February 2013 | Onnicles

Onnicle: Did a Nielsen report predict the day this able, wistful performance would win? OnniClue: Now Dubya hopes to shine on the silver screen too. Onnicle: […]
April 2, 2013

Word games for March 2013 | Onnicles

Onnicle: The vet tells the spider, ‘Go back to your web. Berating now won’t help.’ Onniclue: Not a formula driven approach. Onnicle: With a nil bank […]
May 1, 2013

Word games for April 2013 | Onnicles

Onnicle: Presumably, a jittery apology put up = a war of words avoided. OnniClue: To pee or not to pee, is the dam(n) question. Onnicle: Buried […]
June 5, 2013

Word games for May 2013 | Onnicles

Onnicle: He told them, “I keep myself mighty, so no one messes with me.” OnniClue: Lend him your ears. Onnicle: The sun illuminates the film. It […]
July 3, 2013

Word games for June 2013 | Onnicles

Onnicle: The channels on TV demand elated attention spans. OnniClue: The (other) father of the nation…still fighting. Contributed by Poyni Bhatt Onnicle: “He reached top of […]
August 8, 2013

Word games for July 2013 | Onnicles

Onnicle: The party announced with utmost elan. Ganapati bappa morya! OnniClue: 60+ mother still going through birth pangs. Onnicle: “Where there’s a (royal) will, I am […]
September 3, 2013

Word games for August 2013 | Onnicles

Onnicle: The water’s far from purified. OnniClue: When you wish life didn’t imitate art. Onnicle: Not the best ever depiction. The book did a better job […]