Word games for March 2012 | Onnicles

Onnicle: Making his way through the traffic jam, escaping reporters, came Ronaldo.
OnniClue: Getting that sinking feeling all over again?

Onnicle: ‘Concert by Bon Jovi rated ok’ – Oh, like anybody still cares?
OnniClue: They said it was rude to use fingers, so he used his wrists to devastating effect.

Onnicle: Those who wine and dine shall strive diligently to control their appetite.
OnniClue: Don’t derail the economy for populist reasons.

Onnicle: For a once gregarious chap, pelvis kicks aren’t below-the-belt for him now.
OnniClue: Are Indians leaders or followers by nature?

Answers to Onnicles word games from February 2012
– Saif Ali Khan (Another Bollywood slapgate incident)
– Robert Vadra
– Adele (Grammy winner)
– Harry Potter
– CV Raman

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Onnicles is a name game.

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