Onnicle Challenge – 2

This next one’s the brainchild of Achyut Nayak, one of the most twisted minds from the Onamography creative team. Legend has it that the first word to come out of his mouth as a kid was – floccinaucinihilipilification. Later on he moved to the regular vocab…ma-ma, pa-pa etc. OnniClue: The onnicle below hides the names … Read more

Onnicle Challenge – 1 (Solution)

Companies:Wipro, Patni (PCS), Satyam, Mphasis, Tata (TCS), Polaris, Infosys, IFlex, SISL (Siemens Information Systems Limited), Mastek Please show IPR (or Intellectual Property Rights) related awareness as you read this.Remember how your granny gave ya advice, spat nilgiri drops at ya (morning and evening), just to help you cope with your cold. She emphasised the importance … Read more

Onnicle Challenge – 1

OnniClue: The following onnicle has 10 leading Indian IT company names embedded in it. If you can identify all of them, submit your answer as a comment to this post. Alternatively, send an email with the list of names to:onnicles [at] gmail [dot] com Onnicle 1:Please show IPR (or Intellectual Property Rights) related awareness as … Read more

Onnicles FAQ

What is Onamography Onamography- coined as a conjunction of the Greek words onuma (‘name’) and graphe (‘writing’) – is a unique word game concept invented by Sameer Kamat. The basic idea is to creatively incorporate proper nouns (celebrity names, company names etc) in regular English sentences. It made its debut in the Herald Sun (Australia’s … Read more