Word games for July 2012 | Onnicles

Onnicle: He would spend a rather generous amount of time epitomising Hanuman roles.
OnniClue: The original He-man.

Contributed by Amol Hatwar
Onnicle: On that Black Night, at Dijon, his Lordship breathed his last.
OnniClue: Purple is good when it is of the deeper kind.

Onnicle: For a man on the go, pale-skin fetish is over, ma’am.
OnniClue: Mixing business with pleasure?

Contributed by Poyni Bhatt:
Onnicle: He came, he uttered, he embarrassed! They wished he is remitted back home from the gala. He was as if at another Harvard prom! NE yankee probably thought so!!
Onniclue: In blunderland enroute to prez-land!

Answers to Onnicles word games from June 2012
– Vishy Anand (World champion)
– Sunny Leone (Porn star)
– Rohan, Leander, Bhupathi (Olympic Tennis team controversy)
– Ronaldo (team lost in the penalty shootout)

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Onnicles is a name game.

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