Word games for August 2012 | Onnicles

Onnicle: Say no to grand epics.
OnniClue: Philosophy best served without getting your head in the fountain.

Onnicle: In summary, leukoma can cause visual impairment.
OnniClue: Ditto for an incorrectly aimed punch.

Onnicle: Revive kissing roles & probe RoI (return on investment).
OnniClue: Any other ideas to give his career + finances a CPR?

Contributed by Pratyush Rohatgi
Onnicle: Whenever she had extra visitors in her flat, her mother complained about her dirty garter belts.
OnniClue: He says it really wasn’t just the bike

Contributed by Achyutha Anantha Murthy
Onnicle: The Nusrat song ‘mangte hain karam’ blared from the horn speakers. Somewhere the transistor was screeching “MC Hung Nei jangled his bangles”. Folks passing by were jolted by the sudden fierce megaphonic bellow of a ayurunaniherbalhomeopath in the roadside tent advertising the benefits of thyme, sage, rosemary in his medicines while the medical rep was hardselling kom-vit to the pharmacy nearby.
Onniclue: Magnificently embedded within the onnicle [:-P]

Answers to Onnicles word games from July 2012
– Dara Singh (played the role of Hanuman in mnay movies/serials)
– Jon Lord (Deep Purple Keyboardist)
– Ram Gopal Verma
– Mitt Romney (Presidential candidate)

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