Onnicle Challenge – 3 (Solution)

The Edge, Jimmy Page, Stephen Stills, Link Wray, Frank Zappa, Mickey Baker, Kurt Cobain, Neil Young, Jack White, Eddie Van Halen

“Life on the edge of a precipice”

When I left Panjim, my family bid me goodbye at the doorstep. Henry, my son, was 6 years old. He was a big fan of Mickey Mouse. My house was in front of the sealink where I saw rays of the morning sun each day without fail! I used to take my dog for a walk and on the way back I used to gulp down a franky from a bakery nearby. My mom used to stitch white Kurtas for a living. She was a big fan of Abacus till she became old. My brother Neil was a consultant for McKinsey & Co, Bain & Co and now for Ernst & Young. Back then, he was the first guy to own a pager downtown.

I boarded an evening flight which got hijacked within 15 minutes of departure. One of the terrorists had to zap passengers to intimidate them. These terrorists, unabashed, die and kill if provoked. Seven injured people were extricated and taken in a van to the hospital. The chief air marshal entered and killed all the terrorists. Those were the scenes from a fatal tragedy. I’m happy to be alive and telling all this.

Achyutha Anantha Murthy (our dude’s going for a hat-trick…any challengers?)
Sangeeta Shroff (she re-defined the word ‘enthusiasm’ on the Facebook fan page)
Shashank Baveja (he’s secretly plotting to knock out AAM from the numero uno position)

Kudos to the following brave fighters:
Sarita Puthran (just one step away from the throne), Kanchana Ganesan, Narendran Santhanam, Aditi Surendra, Brotin Das (missing his crown), Rajagopalan K T (with a few tips from his teenaged son), Shahrock, Mudita Jaitly

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