Word games for June 2011 | Onnicles

Onnicle: Where there’s a will…I am surely in it.
OnniClue: Premature ejection.

Onnicle: On sports day kids would pip parents and rush to the middle to nab the best seats.
OnniClue: Anybody who can help us get to the bottom of this story?

Onnicle: From far, we wish USA-India talks succeed.
Onniclue: Pic association

Onnicle: Can you ban or nab a bandanna wearing activist?
OnniClue: Same cause (?), different styles

Answers to May 2011 onnicles
– Norma Jean (Marilyn Monroe’s real name)
– Shane Warne (OnniClue contains – Hurley)
– Mamata + Mayavati (famous for slippers & handbag respectively)
– Osama Bin Laden (EKIA – Enemy killed in action)
– Catherine Middleton (royal wedding)

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About Onnicles
Onnicles is a name game.

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