Word games for January 2013 | Onnicles

Onnicle: Pick a mall where the brouhaha (as an illogical protest weapon) is ineffective.
OnniClue: Any other screening advice for him?

Onnicle: The Lion elegantly warned his cubs against messing with their life goals.
OnniClue: Getting a kick out of it?

Onnicle: The talk show host glanced at his arm, strong but quivering.
OnniClue: Beware of the vicious cycle.

Onnicle: With the honeymoon phase over, he’s nursing his bruised ego now.
OnniClue: Cut the (c)rap!

Answers to Onnicles word games from December 2012
– Damini (Tribute to Delhi rape victim)
– LeBron James (Miami Heat | NBA)
– Rehman Malik (Pakistan – Interior minister)
– Pandit Ravi Shankar (Sitar maestro)
– Ricky Ponting (retires)

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Onnicles is a name game.

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