Word games for August 2011 | Onnicles

Onnicle: Just increase the fares, the cabbie berated.
OnniClue: Metallica – Separating the men from the boys, since 1981.

Onnicle: They thought he’d even wash Armani suits, but he ended up dry cleaning them.
OnniClue: Standard price to pay for showing the Goliath in poor light?

Onnicle: The investing sham might pick a poor man as the target.
OnniClue: Google’s competitor never paid him royalty. RIP.

Onnicle: We understand, ardent & loyal supporters were shocked by the poor show.
OnniClue: No worries, it’s still higher than my daughter’s school grades.

Onnicle: For the cricket ball, there’s saliva. Ugh! Anything for the bat?
OnniClue: (Another) creative use of Vaseline?

Answers to July 2011 onnicles
– Amar Singh (Cash for votes controversy)
– Hillary Clinton (India trip)
– Delhi Belly (DK Bose song)
– Ram Gopal Verma (Plan to sign Maria Susairaj for next movie)

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