Onnicle Challenge – 5 (Solution)

Hillevi Rombin, Dayanara Torres, Armi Kuusela, Georgina Rizk, Amelia Vega,
Shawn Weatherly, Norma Nolan, Brook Lee, Marisol Malaret, Chelsi Smith

The Legend of Lia Bell

Just south of Vegas’s beautiful city of Denmar, is Olga bridge. This bridge spans an island, on which stands the ruins of a time and weather lynched Georgian Castle. It once stood as a superb rook to create a gateway to area’s impressive tourist or residential attractions. Today, an Arab team is restoring this bleeding friz kissed beauty.

Long before the charming castle was built, this Native haiku use land, was thought to be possessed by paranormal and evil spirits. Over time, a number of legendary tales evolved. From Sasha W.N. Field’s story cameLia Bell’.
Newlywed Lia was saved from the frozen River Georg in a lath, following a romantic sleigh ride with her beau, Michel. A local blacksmith rescued Lia by tying her from binweed and pulling her ashore. Anormal a return that it was, this island with no landscape was named after her. Some claim that they have heard Michel sigh for his lost love in this chill evil Island!

Aditi Surendra (transitions from being a contributor to winner)
Mudita Jaitly (breaks into the top-3 finally)
Shashank Baveja (déjà vu)

Followed close on the heels by the new kids on the block: Nicholas, Jan Bottcher, Kristine

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