Onnicle Challenge – 4 (Solution)

Casino, Monster, Freedom Writers, Finding Neverland, Titanic, Calendar Girls, Antwone Fisher, Gridiron Gang, American Gangster, Rookie, Radio

Yes, there were 11 this time! But the euphoria that sets in after reaching the 10th one ensured that no one tried for the extra one.

I remember Erica Grant as being shy and overly timid because of her obesity. Now, obese girl, she was a renowned actress. Today, Ericas in Orlando performing ‘Demons Terrain’, a play written by her, based on a black man’s attempt to free domestic women who were tortured at the New Riters Mansion, a wealthy household in California. I always cherished the dream of finding a career in the theatre business, but never had the courage to really take a shot and hit it. A nice backdrop was arranged to bring out the 1980s feel. I was glued to my seat during the whole play, constantly wondering how it would it end – plays with a radical end are so hard to find. At the end of the play, the audience stood in ovation, Erica Grant won every single member’s appreciation that day.
“… and Fiddler on the roof is her favorite movie”, the radio jockey stated about Erica, as I drove home thinking of how many times I had thought that a career in theatre is something I would never land because I was simply too scared. I began to suddenly boil as I looked down at my perfect body, feeling angst erupt in my soul wanting to go after my dream. I stopped by at Grid Iron, a café around the corner that puts up audition announcements, taking angrily the numbers down. When I got home, as I put my face cream on and went to bed, I repeated the words under my breath “If she can be a dreamer, I can do it too!” The next morning clutching my security blanked, this old chess rook, I entered the amphitheatre, hoping that when I exited I would become the next Erica Grant.

Sangeeta Shroff [Girl power! Clean sweep this week in the contributor (Aditi) and winner department (Sangeeta)]
Brotin Das [fighting to regain his crown]
Prasan Babli [nailed it this time after a false start in the last onnicle]

Full marks for their genuine effort:
Achyutha Anantha Murthy (he could’ve been the king of the Onamography world if he hadn’t missed out Titanic), Sarita Puthran (she still insists, ‘I’m not good at such things’), Sharock, Shashank Baveja, Joanne, Ritu Surendra (Didi must be proud), Mamu, Sameer Jadhav (found 3 Erins, but no Brockovich)

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