Mini Onnicle Challenge – 2

Onnicle: After seeing that the writing was crisp, I de-romanized the letters.

The Challenge: If this superhero came over to your place for lunch, what is the one question you’d ask him? Think of a funny, witty response.

Some of the responses that we got from the Facebook page:

Ashish Agarwal: How long are you sticking around here..
Pratyush Rohatgi: How do I host my own website at home?
Shashank Baveja: How do u jump????why dont u stick to ground!!!!!!!!!!!!:P
Vivek Jambekar: Do u swing or stick to your dietary binge?
Ravi Rao: Wats with that undie outside ur pant?
Aditi Surendra: @Ravi.. I don’t think he does that..
Sangeeta Manchali Shroff: They say you have eight legs, u just brought 2 along? I would also say, the world is a better place for the rest of us, because of Guardian angels like u…so a world of thank you!

Do you think you can come up with something better? Post it as a comment.

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About Onnicles
Onnicles is a name game.

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