Word games for May 2012 | Onnicles

Onnicle: “Did they find Yeti,” warily I ask?
OnniClue: Vicky donor, blood donor, what next?

Onnicle: For a jataka tales class reading, uptakes were slow.
OnniClue: Big Mac in sea! (say it fast)

Onnicle: “We are khadi-clad fans,” the ninja yapped.
OnniClue: To B or not to B in there is the question.

Onnicle: From Asia to America, am I really going places? Ok, hand me my passport.
OnniClue: Move over Oprah, here comes our desi chhokra.

Onnicle: Pick a bird obediently.
OnniClue: Octopussy is not a bad word.

Answers to Onnicles word games from April 2012
– Lalit Modi (missing in action from the IPL)
– Justice Katju
– Nicolas Sarkozy / Carla Bruni
– Nirmal Baba (Third eye fame)

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