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Before you start working on your GMAT AWA essays, make sure you brush on on these GMAT AWA essay tips too. Practise on some essay samples, and then try the Free online rating tool for GMAT AWA Essay Samples. The more you try, the better you get at it.

How the GMAT AWA Rater works

Here’s what you need to do to rate your GMAT AWA essays.

1: Choose any topic for your GMAT AWA essays and complete it offline first.
2: Break up the AWA essay into multiple paragraphs.
3: Rather than combining it all in one big chunk, insert blank lines at the end of each paragraph.
4: Paste the whole AWA essay online rating tool.
5: Press ‘Evaluate’ and your done.

Parameters to rate your GMAT AWA essays

Coherence and connectivity:

Paragraph structure and formation:

Vocabulary and word expression:

Each of these parameters is explained on the GMAT AWA essays rating page.

The GMAT AWA Rater isn’t perfect

There are limitations to what the online rating tool can do. The focus is on the structure, vocabulary, connectivity, constructs and expression. Your sample essays will not be tested for logic and typos.

To start using the online rating tool, click here –> GMAT AWA Rater

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