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Not to be confused with the rapper with a similar sounding name, CarDB (short for Car Database) is a comprehensive repository with advanced data analytics to give you deep quantitative insights.

Whether you are a car buyer or someone with an interest in understanding and unravelling the hidden trends in the automotive industry, we have something for you.

Our car research tool helps car buyers cut through the clutter and find the best suited car to buy - from royal white to bodak yellow!

Our data analytics tools help you slice and dice through the big data repository we've collated, filtered and validated to ensure you get the most accurate view of India's most rapidly growing industry.

So, how do you want to start the journey?

Planning to buy a car?

Use the CarDB (free) research page to select the best car based on your personal preferences e.g. car type, price, mileage and more.

Interested in the car industry?

Use our simple analytics tools (requires registration) to dig into the industry data and gain competitive insights.